How to protect your curls this summer

How to protect your curls this summer

Protecting your hair from the harsh sunlight, chlorine filled pools and salty sea water in the summer is so important for all hair types, but particularly curly hair which is prone to drying out.

Here are my top tips on protecting your hair, and keeping your hair in tip-top condition!


When going swimming in salty or chlorine high water, first saturate your hair with fresh water. Your hair strands can only absorb a certain amount of water, so if you saturate it with fresh water first, this will limit the amount of salty/chlorine water it can absorb, thus reducing the amount of damage it can do. To add an extra layer of protection, you could also saturate your hair with an oil or conditioner before getting into the water.


Style you hair in a protective style such as plaits, twists or a bun. The summer weather can be damaging for textured hair, so keeping it in a protective style can help reduce the amount of damage.


The sun is incredibly drying and can bleach the colour out of your hair. Wearing a hat or hair accessory can help protect your scalp and hair and reduce the amount of damage the sunlight can do. Hair accessories are a great alternative to a hat if you want to avoid ‘hat hair’. A hair accessory teamed with a protective style is the perfect protective combo. Check out the selection of hairbands we have here.


A UV protection spray is the perfect way to add a layer of protection to your hair. One of my favourites is this one by Beauty Works. It is curly girl friendly and protects against UV.

I hope you found those tips useful!

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