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Is the Dyson Airwrap worth the money?

I spent weeks deciding whether I wanted to spend £400+ on a hair tool, read endless reviews and watched hundreds of YouTube videos - which I’m guessing is the same as you and the reason you’re here.

As someone with naturally very curly, fluffy and unruly hair, I was unsure whether the Dyson would be able to tame that. I’d tried blow dying my hair before and it always ended in a fluffy, frizzy mess. The only thing that worked for me was using A LOT of direct heat, but this was ruining my hair. So I decided to take the plunge and try it, and… I’m SO pleased I did!

It still makes me wince when I think about how expensive this hair tool is, but believe me when I tell you I think it is completely worth it.

The main thing I have found with the air wrap is that you have to experiment with it, and persevere. Everyone’s hair is different and requires different things. I saw loads of reviews of people who used the curling wands straight on wet hair, and it giving them really great results. This absolutely did not work for me!

With my hair type, I found the way to get the best results is to use the straightening brush for to drying my hair. Then if I want a wavy style, using the curling wands on freshly dried hair (which literally goes against every review and styling video I’ve ever watched - but it really does work for me). I also find using a setting spray/hairspray is an absolute must for me. Check future blog posts for which products I’ve found are the best.

So, if you have curly hair and are wondering whether the air wrap is worth a try, I would say absolutely YES! I wouldn’t be without mine now, and think it is totally worth the money.


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My hair straight after styling, and a few hours later after the curls have dropped slightly.
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