The Curly Girl Method - 2 Years On

The Curly Girl Method - 2 Years On

The Curly Girl Method - 2 Years On

So, 2 years into the the Curly Girl journey, what have I learnt? The answer is A LOT!

I was flicking through old hair pictures from the first few months of doing the curly girl method and I couldn’t believe how much its changed. My ‘good’ hair days back then would now be an awful hair day.

I’m so glad I took (almost) daily pictures for the first year or so of my journey, because it makes me see how far my hair has come when looking back on them, and makes me so happy I decided to embrace and be kinder to my natural hair.

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For context my hair is 2c/3a, on the fine side, medium density and high porosity. After 2 years, here are some things I've learnt, tips and products I couldn’t live without:

1. Put it in plaits if it all goes wrong (name that song)

As mentioned before, I went through many a bad hair day, and french plaits were (and still are) my best friend. My hair is particularly sensitive to the weather, so if I knew the weather was going to be hot, or on humid holidays my hair would permanently be in plaits.

2. Hair Accessories

In the first few months (or year), I needed something to disguise my bad hair days and hair accessories did the trick. I love wearing headbands like the one below - perfect for disguising frizz and satin lined to keep the frizz at bay after taking it off! Even now when bad hair days are less regular, I still live in headbands. Shop our satin lined knot headbands here

Knotted headbands, headband for curly hair, satin lined hairband
3. Protein Protein Protein

My hair LOVES protein, as I think many high porosity curls do. My favourite protein treatment is this one by Shea Moisture. It literally transformed my hair after the first time I used it. Alternatively you can do a glycerin treatment if your hair is seriously lacking in protein (google it - its good stuff!).

4. Denman Brush

Another product that changed the game for me. After many many years of straightening my hair, it had forgotten how to form proper curls. The Denman brush helped my hair clump and form proper curls.

5. Flax Seed Gel

Having fairly fine wavy-ish hair, means my curl get weighed down pretty easily. The only gel I’ve found that doesn’t weigh down my hair at all is homemade flax seed gel - this is the recipe I use. Alternatively, if you don’t want to make your own, I love this one by EcoSlay as well.

6. Dont Stress

Ultimately, your hair will do what it wants to do! You will have bad hair days, you will have good hair days. But the main thing to do is be consistent and try new products and techniques. If something isn’t working, change up the way you use it, or change the quantity used. Over time, you will learn what products and techniques your hair likes and dislikes. Its a process … trust in the process!

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